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LeBron/Warriors, Free Agency Buzz

I don’t know why the media ever hyped this up to begin with, but what I do know is that this was a genius ploy from Camp LeBron to gain all the leverage imaginable for Free Agency and this upcoming season. LeBron packing up and taking his talents to Golden State? I have a better chance of Dan Gilbert selling me the Cavs for 5 bucks than ever witnessing this madness in my lifetime. First of all, not only would it entirely shatter his legacy as a Cavalier, bringing the entire state of Ohio up in a fiery shit storm. It would also bring the G.O.A.T. discussion to a screeching halt, and would put to shame anyone who ever had the audacity to consider him on the same level as the true “air” to the G.O.A.T. throne. And LeBron, if you or your circle thought that this would stir up the Warriors' locker room by spooking Klay or Dray into thinking they could be traded for you, keep dreaming. Cool Hand Klay doesn't get phased like that. I'm guessing he'll just kick up his feet at the next post game press conference and enjoy a cold one.. kinda like your stupid Kermit the Frog hat (but that's none of my business). The most important reason why this would never happen is because the entire NBA would protest it to no end, considering that this 82-0 type of squad would be together for half a decade or more. Basketball fans as a nation, would riot worse than Cleveland. Aside from the LeBron jock riders, Warriors fans, and the lovely world of bandwagonners, the rest of the planet would have absolutely none of this. Hell, even as a Warriors fan, I think I’d have to start calling myself an asshole. People so pissed, they can’t even express how shitty and unimaginable it is, as their respected franchises that are, “on the rise after a solid building year” spiral into a sick, nightmare of a new world order & league dictatorship. I hate people that say ‘Let’s not and say we did’… but let’s just go ahead and kill this conversation forever.

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