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All-Star Line-Up Changes

In my fantasy football league this season, it became an ongoing joke that one of our friends had cursed his team just by drafting them. Aside from drafting David Johnson #1 overall, one by one, what seemed like his entire

team began dropping like flies. Why does it feel like Lebron has put the same curse on his All-Star East squad? Also, I guess it wouldn’t be as big of a story if DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and Kevin Love’s potential replacements (mainly Sweet Lou) didn’t make such a fuss out of it. It seemed like this year, the top group of players who were classified as “snubbed”, bitched about it publically more than usual. Naturally you’re going to have guys that feel like they deserved to make it more than others, express their opinion year after year. But pissing and moaning about it on Twitter doesn’t exactly help out your cause, it honestly makes it funnier. Lou Williams crying about it the first time around, then getting his hopes up after Boogie goes down, only to be snubbed again, and after all that seeing two more guys go down… You started the season as a potential 6th Man of the Year, just chill out. My piece of basketball advice, (coming from an out of shape, twig) take the chip-on-your-shoulder approach and work harder on your game for next time. Until then, no one likes the kid on the team that cries after an "L".

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