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Marching into March: Players to Watch in College Hoops

Let’s all be honest, you haven’t really started watching College Basketball yet this season. Maybe here or there to flip on Trae Young, or catch Duke or Villanova knock off lower level competition, but football is finally over, and March is around the corner. Here is my list of the top 7 NBA draft prospects and who their talents are comparable to at the next level.

7. Collin Sexton | PG | Alabama

Sexton is an elite scorer with the ability to do just about anything on the floor. He has great length and is one of the best athletes in all of the country. Sexton has potential to be an elite score first point guard at the next level. Don’t be surprised if come April, Sexton is being talked about as a top five in the draft.

Ceiling: John Wall

Floor: Johnny Flynn

6. Michael Porter Jr. | SF | Missouri

You’ve heard of one and done, but 2 minutes and done!? Porter has all the hype behind him coming into the college season this year, but after a bad back injury the greatest concern about Porter may be his future health. An elite athlete who can do it all on the court, Porter is healthy would likely be a top 3 pick this summer’s draft, but until he proves himself fully recovered, many will shy away from him in the draft.

Ceiling: Kawhi Leonard

Floor: Rashard Lewis

5. Trae Young | PG | Oklahoma

If you haven’t heard of this kid you are likely either not a sports fan, or have been held captive for the last two months. Young is the most exciting player in college basketball and can frankly shoot the shit out of the ball. Not an elite athlete and a bit undersized, the only concern with Young is if he can continue to get his shot off at the next level.

Ceiling: Steph Curry

Floor: JJ Reddick

4. Luka Doncic | International | SG

Let’s begin with this. I have never watch this man play a full game. Sorry I don’t have the Spanish league package. That being said, Doncic is only 18 years old and is considered one of the best all-around scorers for his age in the world. Doncic will likely need a few years to develop before making a huge impact in the states, but for a team rebuilding he could be a very promising investment.

Ceiling: CJ McCollum

Floor: Courtney Lee

3. Mo Bamba | PF | Texas

Bamba is about as physically promising as a prospect you’ll ever find. He is a seven-footer with great feet and elite athleticism. While is potential is high, he has a lot of room to grow. Similar to Doncic, Bamba may take years to truly become the player a team who drafts him hopes, but the upside is through the roof.

Ceiling: Anthony Davis

Floor: Deandre Jordan

2. Deandre Ayton | C | Arizona

Deandre Ayton is a physical specimen very similar to Bamba. Ayton is a massive big man with the ability to not only work you in the post, but also stretch the floor and knock down 3-pointers. Ayton has room to improve on defense, but with his physical ability, there is no doubt Ayton could one day average 20 ppg. and 10 rpg. at the next level.

Ceiling: David Robinson

Floor: Andre Drummond

1. Marvin Bagley III | PF | Duke

Bagley is the most versatilely talented player in college basketball. He can knock down threes, dunk on opposing centers, and handle the ball like a guard. An elite athlete with a massive upside, there is a great chance Bagley will go number one in this year’s draft. The sky is the limit for Bagley as long as he continues to put on weight and fill out his lean frame.

Ceiling: Kevin Garnett

Floor: Chris Bosh

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