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NBA Trade Report: Winners & Losers

After a furious few hours early this afternoon, the NBA trade Deadline is finally behind us. While most of the action left the greatest impact on the Cleveland Cavilers, I decided to write a small piece on the winners and losers of this year’s deadline.


The Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers were able to shed the contracts of Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson, and are now poised to throw money at free agents over the next two off seasons. Although the Lakers picked up Isaiah Thomas, his contract is over at the end of this season and there is no way he will return to the purple and gold. Don’t be surprised if this summer the Lakers make a serious run at trying to bring in LeBron and Paul George.

The Cleveland Cavilers

The Cavs made a long list of deals today, but all of them seemed to benefit ‘The Land’. Shipping off the cancer that was Isaiah Thomas (let’s be honest, the guy was an enormous defensive liability), while also getting both younger and more athletic, the Cavs will have an important next few months ahead of them. If you look at all the deals as a whole, the Cavs didn’t really lose any pieces of great value. Keep an eye on the accusations of George Hill (the NBA leader in three-point percentage), and Rodney Hood, both very good scorers who are not scared to defend.

Paul Pierce

Yes, Pierce is still retired, but now he can finally stop whining about the Celtics giving IT a tribute the same night as his jersey retirement. Considering Thomas may find himself on a third team next year, since leaving Boston, a tribute from Celtics fans could be some ways down the road.

Dwayne Wade

Wade literally just experienced what it’s like to become roommates in college with your childhood best friend. Having to deal with all the LeBron circus and bullshit, I am sure Wade is thrilled to leave the shithole that is Cleveland, and move back to sunny South Beach, Miami where he will be treated like a king.



Derrick Rose

Just hang ‘em up man. “But he was the youngest MVP ever and still looks quick!” Rose can’t shoot, hates playing defense, and is more fragile than a three-legged glass chair. Rose was bought out by the Jazz, who acquired him from the Cavs. Once Rose sees that no team in position to win wants his washed-up ‘talent’, I think he will finally retire.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Now that the Lakers have even more cap space headed into the summer, the chances Paul George heads home to LA are even higher. George can now bring another max player with him. Even is George and Westbrook build a great bond this season, Westbrook may even end up shafting the Thunder further by trying to head to LA with PG13.

LeBron Haters

Don’t look now, the Cavs are no longer a retirement home for old washed up NBA veterans. Do all you haters still think the Cavs and Lebron aren’t headed back to the NBA finals? If so, ill house your bets. Lebron may end up getting his head kicked in by the Dubs, but once again The King seems poised to end up back at the top of the Eastern Conference.

All in all, a very solid and entertaining morning in the basketball world. For now, we can only speculate how these trades will realistically impact the teams that took action. So if your team was involved in the mix today, start getting your new jerseys off Ali Express and wait for ol’ Father Time to reveal the true winners and losers.

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