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Football Feens: What Do We Do Now?

If you’re like me, the months between February and September are tough. There are a lot fewer holidays, the leaves are changing, it’s the heart of the year, but there’s something missing. It’s Sunday, you grab a cold one, turn on the TV and sit down to realize… there’s no football. You look around confused, you watch an episode of American Pickers, then turn back to the channel where football was once abundant but still, nothing. The pure glory of 8 straight hours of football is nowhere to be found, gone with the changing of the leaves. Is this a dark year? Is this the year you go dark? And as you begin to sling your remote through the TV and the TV out the window, you remember, it’s the god damn off-season.

It’s a dark time and honestly my fellow NFL Feens, I don’t know how to make it better. At the very least, we can take solace in the fact that we were given an extraordinary Super Bowl 52. Finally, the refs decided to keep the flags down and let an actual football game play out. It’s unfortunate they only made that decision for the last game of the year but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Personally, as a Colt’s fan and a University of Arizona alumnus, this game could not have been much sweeter. We got to see a ton of sad Tom Brady which I love, Gronk looked unstoppable as usual, and best of all, this goofy, Napoleon Dynamite look-alike got to lift the Lombardi. He’s a fellow Wildcat, and its honor to have another elite title brought to the alma mater, but seriously… did you see the picture of Foles lifting up the trophy? He looks like he can’t believe it any more than we can. I wrote an article before the Super Bowl about the game and I’ll call myself out, I thought the Eagles were screwed. The main reason being that I didn’t believe in Nick Foles. I mean, I also didn’t see the Malcolm Butler benching coming, but even if you had told me the Pats would bench a starting corner, I still wouldn’t like the odds of Foles with a Super Bowl amount of pressure against a Bill Belichick led defense. Nonetheless, being wrong on this one has never been so gratifying.

Outside of the Nick Foles memes and the tasty, always-satisfying tears of Patriots fans, what the hell do we have left in the NFL? A backstabbing snake coach going back to the snake den with his baby daddy (Yo Josh McDaniels for real, GFYS). Possibly the most entertaining player in the league, Rob Gronkowski, calling it quits to be an actor? The mysterious case of what the hell is a catch? These are lack-luster stories, but even if they were remarkable stories, it wouldn’t be enough to fill up 6+ months of this empty, football deprived time of distress. I’ll do my best to provide NFL content as often as I can, but until something starts up again; the draft, some trades, anything, I guess all we can really do is head down to the local pub, grab a pint, and try with all of our might to give a fuck about baseball.

Go Cubs

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