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Curling Sucks.

Before I get this off my chest, let’s just start with a little disclaimer. I am all in for the Olympics. The spirit of the games is second to none, and I bleed red, white and blue. The idea of countries from all over, coming together for a few weeks of friendly competition to take our focus away from all the terrible shit going on in the world… that’s what it’s all about. Besides just the concept of the games, it's great for the average sports fan to engage and watch some sports they otherwise probably wouldn’t tune into. I mean come on, how often outside of the Olympics do you find yourself watching alpine skiing? Never. But as soon as you start giving medals for it and making it an international competition, fuck it I’m all in. However, I’m not willing to watch just anything, there needs to be a line. And that line definitely stops at curling. No disrespect to those athletes (curlers?), I’m sure they work incredibly hard to get there. But let’s be honest here, I find it a little embarrassing that people are willing to spend day and night training for three and a half years for a sport that is essentially an old person’s hobby. I mean come on, for curling to be on TV at a crowded bar on a Saturday night when there are plenty of other sporting events on is nothing short of a joke. If you can look me in the eye and tell me you honestly enjoy curling then I think you're either psychotic, or trying way too hard to care about the Olympics. Honestly, what are they even doing? You are a liar if you claim that you know what the hell is going on. What are they brushing that broom for, to slow it down or speed the rock thing up? Who the hell knows? The point is, I don’t, neither do you, neither does anyone. Look, every once in a while throughout the games, fine, sure, whatever, toss some curling on. But is it just me, or does it feel like MSNBC is going out of their way to shove these events down our throats? I feel as though every time I want to tune in and watch some hockey or snowboarding or even bobsledding, the only viewing option is ALWAYS curling. Maybe it’s just coincidence, maybe it’s bad luck, or maybe I’m just wrong, but it seems like you can’t avoid this shit. Do Comcast (NBC) and the international curling association (guessing that’s a thing) have some sketchy, undisclosed business ties that we don’t know about? Probably not… but it's something that shouldn’t be ruled out. Just saying... Whatever it is, I am just plain tired of god damn curling on TV because there’s no way around it; it’s dull, creates zero suspense and is anticlimactic. Personally, I think it drives away quite a few viewers from watching other great Olympic events. So MSNBC, chill the fuck out with curling, seriously. Anything else will suffice. And while we’re on the subject, you could ease up on the figure skating too. Other than that, you people (the fans) need to stop encouraging this crap. We get it, everyone does the same shitty joke of flipping on curling when you have people over to watch the Olympics. Ha ha ha, you ironically turned on curling and everyone gets a little chuckle out of it, but no. The joke has gone too far because now people are actually taking it serious. Let’s go back to the time when the qualifications to be a sport extended beyond just, ‘people performing a somewhat physical activity’. I mean, come on guys, it’s getting a little out of hand.

Thanks for listening and Go U.S.A!

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