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The WOAT: Jordan vs. Lebron Debates

Before I start ranting about why comparing Lebron and Jordan drives me fucking nuts, let me preface this by making it clear; I am a kid from Chicago who at one time despised Lebron and cradled the nuts of Jordan.

When it comes to Lebron, 90% of fans divide over two opinions. Obnoxious unconditional love and exaggerated nonstop hate.

You’re a Lebron hater? It’s probably because you have that one buddy who watches too much Nick Wright and won’t shut the fuck up about Lebron being better than Jordan.

Or do you love Lebron? That’s likely because you grew up in the 2000’s, think Mike was never as dominant as ‘King James’, and have never watched more than a 10-minute compilation video titled “Jordan’s greatest moments”, and responded, “Lebron can do that”.

The worst part, no matter what side you’re on, love him or hate him, Lebron is endlessly measured against Mike.

If I turn the TV on to ESPN or FS1 and have to listen to another fifteen-minute hot take debate on who is the “GOAT” after every exceptional Lebron performance, I might start watching the WNBA.

Can we not just enjoy the greatness of Lebron and accept that the generational differences are not fully comparable? There will always be the ring argument, or the freak of nature argument, or the 90’s basketball vs. current day argument. Stats can be twisted to the defense of either end of the debate.

Do we compare our modern presidents to those of earlier generations? Do we dwell over the best actor of all-time!? When was the last time you got drunk with your buddies and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about Kendrick or Tupac? Never.

Whether you want to hate or love Lebron, don’t do it because of Jordan. The argument has been exhausted and all the stats have been over analyzed. For my money, Jordan is the best basketball player ever, but that shouldn’t take away from enjoying the greatness of Lebron.

The day Lebron retires, there is a damn good chance we won’t see someone deserving of a title like the “Chosen One” for a long time.

Rings, triple doubles, and MVPs aside, you might as well enjoy the ride because like Kanye once said, “you don’t really know what you got till it’s gone”, and right now Lebron is the ‘King’.

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