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The Cities of Champions: Modern Dominance

Everyone has had the debates on what city has the best sports teams. Rather than argue the history of the 90’s Bulls or Yankees of the 00’s, I decided to create a formula to accurately display which cities have the best big three sports teams (sorry hockey fans) as of May 8, 2018.

How the formula works:

-Every team is ranked by their current standings from a 1-30. The team with the best record is given a 1, and the worst team is a 30. 1’s: Rockets, Patriots, and Yankees all have the best record in their league as of the most recent regular season.

-Reigning Champions received a zero (Warriors, Astros, Eagles)

-Baseball rankings are based on current standings (May 5)

-Football rankings are based on 2017 regular season records

-Basketball rankings based on 2017-18 regular season records

-Cities with multiple teams in same sport are ranked by better team taken (Yankees and Mets, Dodgers and Angels)

-City with the lowest number of total accumulated points in basketball, baseball, and football, is the number one sports city!

1. Boston Area- 6 Total Points: Celtics 4, Patriots 1, Red Sox 1

Huge shocker. Boston has been title town USA since the turn of the century. Though the Patriots are beginning to age, as long as the Red Sox stay thriving with players like Mookie Betts and Chris Sale, and the Celtics get back a healthy Kyrie and Hayward next year, there is no reason Boston won’t continue to reign.

2. Philadelphia- 16 Total Points: 76ers 5, Eagles 0, Phillies 11

A city giving hope to the fans of teams ranked near the bottom of the list. Philadelphia as recently as two years ago sucked across the board, but with players like Carson Wentz, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons coming to the “city of brotherly love”, things are certainly looking up.

3. Los Angeles- 27 Total Points: Clippers 18, Rams 5, Angels 4

LA is a shocker to be this high on the list, but let’s be honest, your typical friend for the “City of Angles” isn’t repping the Clippers, Rams, and Angels. That being said, LA baseball is trending up, and their newest football team has a lot to be excited about. As for basketball, hold your head Lakers fans.

4. Houston- 31 Total Points: Rockets 1, Texans 30, Astros 0

It’s been a great year if you’re a fan of Houston. While the next few weeks could tell a lot about where the Rockets really stand in the NBA hierarchy, the Astros did just bring a title home to the “lone star state”. Let’s also not forget while the Texans did suck last year, they may have found a franchise QB to build around in Deshaun Watson.

5. San Francisco Area- 39 Total Points: Warriors 0, Raiders 22, Giants 17

Personally my least favorite fans…WE GET IT, YOU HAVE THE WARRIORS. While the Dubs still run the NBA, they manage to balance the rest of the dog shit teams in the Bay Area to rank the city inside the top five.

6. Minnesota- 41 Total Points: Wolves 13, Vikings 4, Twins 24

Another city trending in the right direction is Minnesota. The Wolves finally broke their playoff streak, and the Vikings had a huge year last year and just acquired Kirk Cousins. As for the Twins, who cares.

7. Atlanta- 42 Total Points: Hawks 28, Falcons 10, Braves 4

The ATL falling in at 7 is a bit of a fluke in my opinion. The Braves are off to a hot start this year but don’t seem like anything more than a longshot for a wildcard spot. The Falcons are still solid but disappointed last season after chocking away the Super Bowl. The Hawks still blow.

8. Milwaukee Area- 44 Total Points: Bucks 16, Packers 20, Brewers 8

As a Chicagoan, this pisses me off. The Bucks are about as average as it gets but do seem to have a franchise player to build around. The Packers seem like they could much better than a 20 this year if Rodgers can stay healthy, and the Brewers are sneakily building toward a possible playoff appearance.

9. New York- 51 Total Points: Knicks 22, Jets 26, Yankees 3

If you’re not a Yankees fan and rep New York damn life is tough. Knicks suck and Kristaps is going to miss most of next season. Jets and Giants both had exciting first round draft picks but the Giants are aging and the Jets are hopeless. In conclusion, the Yankees are really all New York has, but they still aren’t as good as their rival the Red Sox.

10. Cleveland- 52 Total Points: Cavs 6, Browns 32, Indians 14

Lebron. You have Lebron. How long you’ll have him could maybe be just a couple more weeks. The Browns are… the Browns. Mayfield should bring some excitement and they may actually win a few games next year. The Indians choked the World Series to the Cubs and now seem pretty average. Enjoy Lebron while you got him Cleveland, things could get ugly quick.

Honorable Mentions aka you blow:

Denver 54 points, Detroit 55 points, Washington 56 points, Miami 63 points, Chicago 64 points

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